The Magical Stele sequence Of Zos Vel Thanatos: Aeons; Equinoxes And Solstices (The User Manual)

The 9 magical stele sequence

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There are nine formulas contained within Zos Speaks!: 1.The Formula of the white sabbath, 2. The formula of Plotinus – The earthenware virgin, 3. The communion of Auto-Ego of Zos, 4. How to return Evil to its source, 5. Of fortune telling by cards (foretelling by familiars), 6. Metamorphosis by ‘Death posture’, 7. Transcendental perspective as a means of mediumship and anoetic analgesia, 8. Formula of arrivism, 9. The Theurgy of Zos.

In total you’ll find nine steles in this post, which are loosely connected, from right to left, to the formulas (I haven’t found one specific stele made for the first formula anywhere, and I don’t know if the artist made one). Formula nr.2 The earthenware virgin is for instance relatable to the Lilith stele (and to aquarius astrologically), and formula nr 3. the communion of Auto-ego of Zos to the Magical stelae (two steles very closely related: Formula number four how to return evil to its source are relatable to stele nr three in the sequence – and so on…to the ninth formula: The Theurgy the of Zos – The Iconoclast of Theocrasia – the book’s purpose (several seasons instead of one/from one Catholic whoredom to many pimps and harems. For spiritual nourishment:

“SWEET BABALON” – Lon Milo DuQuette:

). Sadly the purpose has been defeated by the author’s inclination towards secrecy, since it is, for most witches, a closed/inactivated book.

The role cast in this drama: The matrix: The Earth with its three broadbands governing the seasons, Nephtys: the earth and the moon, Isis: The mother of Horus and attributed to the Moon and Sirius, Hathor: among one of the most complex and many faceted Egyptan gods known as the other mother goddess of Horus (, The man with the dog: The Dog Star – the elemental of Sirius, Thoth: knowledge and also attributed to the moon, Geb: the elemental of earth and moon  (could also include the earth-sun), The red Dwarf: a representation of Nibiru/the Dwarf star (?), Tiamat: the primordial earth and a symbol of the powers of chaos and destruction/renewal (winter, The Tree of death). The two eyes of Ra: earth-sun and Sirius. Steffi Grant: Isis, Kenneth Grant: possibly The Dog Star elemental.

According to Babylonian myth, Tiamat, the primordial earth, was hit by Marduk (Nibiru or one of Niburu’s moons, a big asteroid, meteor or something) on the lowest part of the globe, then transformed into the version of the Earth as we know it today ( interpreted by Sitchin and others: The cause of the Earth’s wobble – the first aeon (The new aeon cycles would probably differ from the ones previous to the impact because of the loss of mass and the push from the impact. And the wobble was probably non-existent). With Liber Al, Crowley initiated the new Aeon of Aquarius. In the steles, one could interpret it as if Austin Osman Spare initiates the first Aeon –  representing himself as THE scribe/initiator in this artwork (he painted them for God’s sake:=))) – setting everything in motion by giving the Earth a sigilic push towards the equinox position.

The steles painted by the artist Austin Osman Spare, which are meant to be read as a sequence, are related to his last magnum opus: Zos Speaks! (With Kenneth Grant and Steffi Grant as big contributors: they were actually mentioned as co-creators in the letters, published by Fulgur). The 365 sacred letters in the book are supposed to be reorganized, and these steles could be thought of as clues in this matter.

…And the shrouded mystery shouts out: “I thank the Gods that be – I see myself as no other seeth me”.



the mudra of the reproduction organs
The mudra of the reproduction organs

“You’ve got a pussy, I have a dick. So what’s the problem?” (Ramstein)

  • The Great Arkanum (Gnostic Teachings): (Note: The witches from The Zos Vel Thanatos tradition belongs to the gray tradition, at least according to the exoteric text (The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos): “great saving, total spending”)

quotations from Tesla interview

( Quotations from a “Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden For 116 Years Incredible”:


Fforgot_orgotten Alignments: the Sacred letters and the Serpentine card layout

The Maya stele: “At sunset of equinox day, on the steps of the Kukulkan pyramid, you can see a descending serpent consisting of seven reversed isosceles triangles made up of sunlight and shadow. As time goes by, it looks like a snake-form descends from the temple and at last a light is projected on the head of the feathered serpent at the base of the steps” (

maya stele
The Maya Stele (A.O.Spare)

The fifth formula in Zos Speaks! also contains a Serpentine card layout, referenced to by the red snake at the bottom of Nephtys (closed) circuit and the circuit on other side of the painting.

Some regards Nephtys as an Earth goddess due to her association with Anubis. As stated in Wikipedia, she’s Isis twin sister, her darker aspect and a Moon goddess (

“Ascend and descend; descend with Nephthys, sink into darkness with the Night-bark. Ascend and descend; ascend with Isis, rise with the Day-bark.” Pyramid Text Utterance 222 line 210.

O9Her headdress is described in Wikipedia as a house and a basket. The big half circle could perhaps also symbolize the half moon previous to the new moon, opposite to Isis smaller half circle in the diagram, positioned on the other side in the Moon wheel.

Every seventh. From moon phase to moon phase. It takes approximately 7 days (7.38) between each moon phase. The full moon, the half moons, and the new moon are only transitory, intermediary stages lasting only for a very short time. But if you separate the eight pointed moon wheel into  X and + phases, the duration between the stations would be the same. BUT given the two Moon goddesses significance in Egypt and in the formula, the wheel should probably be split up in the middle in a right and left sided dichotomy.

  • Magical Stelae (Spring Equinox): Isis
  • The Maya stele (Autumn Equinox:): Nephtys

the circuit opposite to nephtys

The Circuit opposite to Nephtys

  • The approximate noise signatureapprox. noice signaturel
  • Set cut Osiris body into 14 pieces and spread them: 7 parts in the lower Egypt, and 7 in the upper. Other sources claims Set cut Osiris body into many pieces, which he scattered to the four corners of the earth.
  • The ideal: Isis found the parts and assembled them together again.

The Serpentine card layout contains rows laid in a serpentine movement pattern from left to right, and each row has nine cards. Why nine? With the formula in mind, nine cycles (the nine cards per row) around the Moon wheel: nine months could symbolize the pregnancy period. Otherwise there was not more information other than the illustration. What’s striking, is the obscurification: the numbers are reversed, inverted and possibly mirrored for instance, then there are the alternating number of lines on each card. Does it mean that one of the layouts in the alternative formula was left in favor for a newer, obscurified version? Why would the artist obscurify a card layout?

the two serpents card layouts
Illustration: the Serpentine card layout.

And here’s the symbol for forgetfulness in Zos Speaks!  forgetfulness (p262).

The Two opposite moving snakes, the card layout: An illustration similar to the Serpentine illustration (Zos Speaks!). Between the cards, Austin drew 27 circles which may symbolize the 27 days it takes for the Moon to revolve around the Earth (as well as the 27 days it takes for the Moon to rotate around its own axis). The symbol, the “self” (symbolizing duality) between card nr 55 and nr 56, indicates that the snake is made up by two parts. The other snake’s composition is assumable the same.

  • Does the moon rotate on its axis? by MooMoo Math and Science:
  • According to, each lunar month lasts for an average of 29.5 days (the true length varies through the year).
  • Framework 72 (73 with Malkuth added), identified within The Book Of Pleasure, has 8×9 with Malkuth, the Earth, in the middle. The SSS-star and ZZZ-star joined together were illustrated by Hexagrams, Flower of life symbols. The circles between the cards could symbolize the unity between the snakes – the hexagrams.
  • Austin Osman Spare created a formula entitled the Alternative formula (Zos Speaks!) where there’s a 4X13 card layout. Probably not a coincidence if the Moon’s year cycle plays a central role in the reorganization of the sacred letters.
  • The Serpentine layout’s link to the Sacred letters: On page 263 (Zos Speaks!), we can read: “It is essential to obscure ‘meanings’ from others and sublate them to our mind. Any fundamental geometric form will give a natural sequence of twenty-six letters by seg­mentation and without repetition. Example: using the dimensional circle the dimensioal circle thus letters as half circles” As you can see, every letter is formed as a half circle, and every pair forms a circle, just as in the Serpentine card layout. Here are examples of three letters in the Sacred alphabet which have the same geometric features and placement in relation to each other as the letters above and the circles between the cards.:
  • Did Spare have this particular painting in mind when he formulated the first aphorism in Logomachy? “Wisdom is a stasis: Knowledge is like the ‘snake of eternity’, constantly eating itself and never finishing” (Zos Speaks! A.O.Spare, K.Grant. Fulgur).
Isis smiles
Isis smiles ( A.O.Spare) ( a caption

The eight-pointed Moon wheel in the middle with its 12 or 13 cycles, with a Snake around it (I count 8 bends). An interesting painting to relate to the 4×13 layout, especially if the premise is the same as the formula listed alongside the Serpentine card Layout  (ref. ill.: The Serpentine layout above) – if the layout contains two snakes: the 8×13 layout could literally represent the moon wheel –  the year cycle.

the hathor stele
The Hathor/Isis Stele (Austin Osman Spare). Some associates Hathor to Saturn (the organizing and structuring principle). Conventionally she symbolizes a union between the Earth (symbolized by the cow) and the Sun: and could represent a personification of the planted Seeds of life in Austin Osman Spare’s formula. She’s together with Isis mentioned as mother goddess of Horus. On her thigh we can see the letters JL (10+12=22). The pattern on the snake skin is similar to the pattern in the Serpentine layout above. The line between the cards splits the circles into two triangles, while on Hathor’s snake, the triangles (though not consistent) are positioned beside the red dots (“Horus is made strong happily each day”. The Egyptian book of the dead). The six projected triangles are probably representing the three web twins mentioned in the Protection against evil people stele ( the word twin under the eye of Ra indicates a total of twelve triangles equal to the Rose crux).  The Red dwarf, also called the Destroyer/Nibiru, returns. The Book of the law may suggest the period of Aquarius (if it’s the Book of the law), and we could be able to push it back by some sort of impact/push.

Spirals and the Seeds of life

The center of two unified vortices
The center of two unified vortexes (A screen shot from Dan Winter’s video)

The heart form symbolizes two unified spirals, as stated by Dan Winter in the Video.

For more information watch Dan Winter’s youtube video – Jedi School Science with Dan Winter


paths of the world tree

Austin Osman Spare
The Fifth formula: A painting entitled ‘Man Is A Bundle Of Ids‘: The triangles contains the key: 7 (the Seed of life which usually develops into the Flower of life). The ID moves into the new year cycle and restores the order. For high quality picture visit:

Quote from the fifth formula in Zos Speeaks!: Of fortune telling by cards:”Likewise, the sorcerer’s shaft pierces through the protective aura by assertion becoming indirect suggestion as the consultant’s own”.

Alchemical symbol_gold The alchemical symbol for gold.

Definition: “Rotating charge the origin of the definition of mass (Dan Winter. Source: Bliss, Lucid Dreaming, BEING 5D, vs Trauma , Addiction- Dan Winter interview with Shelley Evans: Time: 26:18).

Is Spare hinting to the Golden mean ratio spiral movement of charge, the outer layer, as the constitution for the creation of the correct measure of mass here? (I’m refering to the alchemical symbol for gold and the Urn count further below)


Screen capture from the ‘Man is a bundle of Ids’ painting


The glyphs beneath Zos gold age
“With Athene math (followed by the opposite sun/gold and 9 knots – 3/4 of a year; adding the  A in Athene completes the year: the 365 sacred letters) can I continue (with 22 trios or 22/7 (?) uniting both summer (44 constellations)- and winter year (44 constellations). The seasonal cross. Congress continues”. The four triangles previous to the cross represents the parts of the seasonal wheel.

7 metals and the number 22, a reference to Pi and the 22/7 ratio?

Ra Marry Isis rev

This part shows the “ovum’s”/moons radius as 6 or 6.49 – one of the first numbers of the 72 Golden mean ratio sequence. The 1/2 of the seasonal wheel: the M( 44 constellations), the two triangles over the 6.5 waves. And illustrates the connection between the Earth’s wobble and how the Moon was created when Niburu hit the primal Earth by being a part of the same sequence as the 44 triangles identified in Protection Against Evil People. And further how the Moon started to govern the menstruation cycles. Was the Moon originally Nibiru’s, caught by Earth’s gravity into orbit after the impact, or was it created, coagulated from parts of the Earth?
  • While astronomical bodies, planets and moons, mostly rotates around their own axis, the Moon doesn’t appear to spin because the rotation is so slow. If the Moon did strife hit the Earth, the Moon should spin much faster, some people claims. The question is if an eventual impact could have slowed down the Moon’s spin, if the Moon span faster at some point, as well?  

The Urn Count:

The text written on the urn: “I thank the Gods (that) be – I see myself as no other seeth me” was also written on a christmas/new year card in the letter section (Zos Speaks!). A clear reference to the urn ritual and new year celebration tradition. The new year celebration, and the custom of formulating new year wishes, can be traced several thousands years back to Sumerian times, and in almost all cultures up to present day. My new year wish: to correctly reconfigure the sacred letters by the use of the urn ritual formula.

Inside the enlightened area of the urn, I counted ca fifty quadrangles within then enlightened area and ca sixty if the area outside of the light beam is included. In the illustration below we can see the number 50 (or 60) appearing in the centre of the heart shaped spiral (fifty is the best candidate if you follow only the hard pencil stroke), and possibly a 19 at the end of the outer layer (if the number isn’n obscured, like the numbers used written on the tarot cards – inverted).

A draft or an illustration intended for one of his manuscripts ( Zos Speaks!, page 91, A.O.Spare, K.Grant, Fulgur). The unification between the Gold/sun spiral and the Moon spiral (heart formed).


Supplementing evidence: Two or three sets of 50’s are probably the correct numbers for the rose/torso.

According to Zos Speaks! the fertilization of the urn takes place when the moon is quartered 6th (half moon) of december in week 50. Then the reburial happens at the waning crescent between december the 6th and 14th in week 50 ( I’ve used the calendar year 1955, the Gregorian Calendar option:

Bringing the Serpentine tarot card layout back upon the table again, we remember there are 54 quadrangles between the cards. The whole page containing the formula was however crossed out with a big X all over the page.

“To give reality to your autistic thinking is the great theurgy of which I have given you the key: Sublimate your beliefs into the unfamiliar energia of orgasm, for it is numinous, it is imma­nence and the moment of conception-creation. Zos stretched himself, saying: “These innocents need things unwrapped, then doc­trinized and ornamented . . . so let me remember my oId abilities, summon my elementals, and commit my will to a new theurgy (Zos Speaks! p248). “

I think the quotation refers to the first burial. Sublimating the beliefs into the orgasm and conception-creation. The dividement of the halfmoon (1/2), which I think has to do with a dividement of the 73 lettered columns into halfs “As one eye knowing not what the other sees ( …)” (Zos Speaks, p244), only to be reconfigured and reunited. If we have approximately three Sun columns, it would explain the six united parts around the gold spiral above – constituting the gold spiral.


Another possibility: each Vesica piscis might symbolize a spiral, since the Vesica piscis earlier represented the spiral starting point. For more information watch the video below.

How to Draw-Phi & the Fibonacci Spiral from the Vesica Piscis (SGD Sacred Geometry Decoded:

A draft or an illustration intended for one of his manuscripts (Zos Speaks!. page 91, A.O.Spare, K.Grant. Fulgur). The unification between the Gold/sun spiral and the Moon spiral (heart formed).

  • Quotes from The Book of the Law:

“24. I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty

 25. Divide, add, multiply, and understand.(The Book of the Law, A. Crowley).

“4. Consider of six and fifty that 50 divided 6 = 0.120 the circumference, Nuit. . the center, Hadit. 2 the world of illusion. Nuit thus comprehends All in None. Also 50+6= 56 = 5+6=11, the key of all Rituals. And 50×6=300, the Spirit of the Child within” (Liber NV, A. Crowley). 

  • Aphorism 25. didn’t mention subtraction: 50-6=44, a number relevant to the Protection from evil men stele. 44 triangles + the three web twins ( three hexagrams) adds up to fifty triangles. “The three web twins crafts the web” – six triangles (which are only parts of the Rose Croix matrix): 6×44 (or 88 triangles/constellations)=264 

The Rose Crux ( 12 an important nr. The triangular shapes of the petals suggest 12×3=36 (or 4×9). Other variants of Rose crosses also have a X-cross betwen the plus-cross which totals 72.

The Rose Croix Web Matrix 72

The crux web matrix could look something like this. The Three web twins, mentioned in the Protection Against Evil People stele (the protection: encryption), are the three petals on each side of the Rose Croix.


“Ethos Aos/art twin sides crafts (rafts, drafts) the web ” (Glyph quote from the Protection Against Evil People stele. The bottom glyph line reads from right to left).

The three web twins


: The Tiamat stele’s representation of the Three web twins.

Interpretation: Protection Against Evil Men

Correction: screenshot from the Protection Against Evil People stele.

The anomaly registered: pi number 27.501 was probably rounded down to 27 by Spare, while the site rounded it up to 28, the spiraling 44 triangles (Protection Against Evil People stele). The question is if Spare inserted the anomaly registered because it’s pragmatic in terms of fitting the number 27 to threes and fours (the Serpentine layout cards) or if it simply denote the Moon cycle?

Untitled painting by A.O.Spare. 11 humans (quadrangles) in a 4-3-4 formation”. The vagina shape around the woman suggests the semen are on their way towards the ovum. There’s also a number beneath the woman’s knees/bottom of the vagina shape: 27.

Isis body

Screensh0t from Man Is A Bundle Of Ids. Over Isis reproduction organs there’s an analemma, obviously symbolizing the year. If the paintings are analysed side by side (vagina: 27 + the analemma: 17, 11 + the head: 6.49), one may deduce that there’s some sort of wave braiding. Her body shares the same ratios as the analemma (waves within waves).


“Aos (mass) base the thrown worm with Isis nrs. Zos (course) has a gold (phallus=the Sun=gold) metal Ego age Zodiac”. Isis nrs.: 27, 17, 11, 6 (?). The number of the mass: 44 (?)

paths of the world tree


6 or 7

6 or 6.49

The Fibonacci sequence for nr. 72:  2, 4, 6, 11, 17, 28, 44, 72

The golden mean ratio:

Note: The center of the cross represents Malkuth, the nexus between the Tree of life and the Tree of death. Hence the central point counts as four or eight, and the Tetragrammaton 40=36 (four pointed cross) or 80=72 (eight pointed star cross). Based on the numbers of letters per column: 73, the centre of web matrix will most likely be a star cross. X this x-letter is interpreted as being the centre, based on the column five text – the sixth letter of the column, one of the first numbers of the Golden mean sequence 72. Strictly speaking 72 isn’t a pure Golden mean ratio number: the sequence doesn’t start with 1+2 for instance.

The quotation: “We who do not crucify – nothing shall hurt us that is of the ‘Nature’ : neither our comings and goings from the womb, for we have the Key to all aesthetics” (Zos Speaks!), on the other hand, may however be interpreted as a clue towards some sort of grid or spiral.


The Zos Vel Delthanatos Schematics (?)

Niburu’s moon strikes the Earth ( the crux) and smashes everything to pieces… Chaos. Nuclear winter. Whirlwinds roams across the world – beneath Earth’s shining, new Moon (on a serious note: there are stories, myths among native people, according to scientists, covering the time previous to the Moon’s existence as a satellite orbiting Earth).

Hashtags:# Global Death posture# Depolarization process# Reformation

From crux to spiral nodes: from crux to spiral nodes.Enemy

The destruction of the Rose Croix.

Quote from the Sixth Formula (Zos Speaks!): “By means of the Death Posture, total transposition of consciousness into the sex-centre

spiral nodes and webs: six nodes and three web twins.

(Plus the X-cross. The columns on the Lilith Stele have 6x12s)

The three web twins superimposed into one spiral web:image651 

The Urn web (the torso) 3×50=150 quadrangles.

During the year cycle the Sun hits the four “faces”/quarters on different Equatorial lines. That together with the 24 hours day cycle might be connected to Zeno’s moving rows (The Sixth Formula, Zos Speaks!), the five standing rows containing 73 sacred letters each.

An introduction to one of Andrew Chumbley’s mysteries. Qutub (also the name of a 72.5 meter high tower), a book written by Andrew Chumbley and published by Fulgur, contains aspects of the same formula: The Zos Vel Thanatos formula. Beneath an illustration from Qutub, a book containing 73 verses, which similarly to the Sacred letters are meant to be reorganized (and yes, one of the letters displayed in Qutub’s first illustration contains a weird looking Phi-analemma letter: Phi imagine you guide the lowest wave around the globe in a half circle – “click”; analemma star lock Qutubl (Qutubl adds up to 93 in simple gematria “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” (the oath-bound cup overturned), the thelemic current. The L added to the book’s title does probably indicate 12 months or hours). Verse 9 refers to the squaring of the circle/quadrangle and to the illustration on the next page: a huge quadrangular geometrical figure (the Earth) with three knots attached to it (the three equatorial lines: the Epos ways: three verses per page), drawn by the quill of the Peacock angel.

“12. As sure as Silence each word doth end. The Secret in this Book is caught. As foot shall surely follow foot. And thought and thought shall follow Thought. Through the Question and the Answer. In the Wish of the Wish itself. This Truth by many Lies is taught.”

The Prayer Design

“Then the answer to the Question: The secret told to none but thee. Behold, the Starry Lock Qutubl. Behold, The Peacock-Angel’s Key! The Circle of the Year is done. The Oath-bound Cup lieth o’erturne’d. By whose Hand – They answer’d “We” (Qutub. Andrew Chumbley. Published by Fulgur).

Chumbley’s Arabic calligraphy “disguised” night and day, quarterly faces (Qutub) – melting together into the eternal now (the point: the starry lock Qutubl):

Chumbley Arabic Cutub faces

  • So what secrets may lay hidden within Qutubl’s vault? The practices Magister Andrew Chumbley and his group Cultus Sabbati were and still are known for were herbalism and spiritflight, among many. And given how Chumbley phrases the decoding process as word substitution/ juxtaposition, I think it’s possible to deduce that the sub-current of information covers those subjects to some extent. To suckle from Lilith’s flower-bud and Nightshade, the name of one of the ingredients in traditional flying ointments,  occurs among the verse lines for instance. The spirit flight is experienced, according to multiple sources, to be perceived as if it’s real by the practicing Witches.

Quoting from “Magic ointments…produced effects which the subjects themselves believed in, even stating that they had intercourse with evil spirits, had been at the Sabbat and danced on the Brocken with their lovers…The peculiar hallucinations evoked by the drug had been so powerfully transmitted from the subconscious mind to consciousness that mentally uncultivated persons…believed them to be reality.[19].”

  • “Francis Bacon (attributed as “Lord Verulam”) listed the ingredients of the witches ointment as “the fat of children digged out of their graves ( my note: now they use animal fat), of juices of smallage, wolfe-bane, and cinque foil, mingled with the meal of fine wheat.” Typical poisonous ingredients included belladonna,[4] henbane bell, jimson weed, black henbane, mandrake, hemlock, and/or wolfsbane,[5][6][7] most of which contain atropine, hyoscyamine, and/or scopolamine.[8] Scopolamine can cause psychotropic effects when absorbed transdermally.[9] These tropane alkaloids are also officially classified as deliriants in regards to their psychoactive effects.” (

Warning: Robert Cochrane, founder of the Clan of Tubal Cain, died from a Belladonna overdose.

Lilith's feetforgotsign_rotated and flipped

Is Austin Osman Spare’s arrangement of Lilith’s legs coincidental or a deliberate link to the formula written on p262, Zos Speaks!?  Check out the leg arrangement’s analogy to the “Forgot”/ unsynchronized sign.


Contemplating The Lilith Stele formula: The circle in Goetia has 72 demons attributed to it. Further more the number represents the 72 names of God (Shemaphoresh), in other words, the parts of God (the Sun) as a whole, illuminating the whole body of Lilith (the Earth) as she spins around. And there are 5 columns of 73 sacred letters (Zos Speaks!, Logomachy Of Zos).

Lilith stele

Forgot to pack his gear

Screenshot from Zos Speaks!, p262. Austin Osman Spare, the man who “forgot” to pack (Pi divided, and judging bye the urn count, compressed x3) his gear. The conversion from circles into standing rows (the five columns containing sacred letters), the unsynchronized parts:  forgot sign_diameter, tuned (?): tuned (Similar hebrew letters: Beth Beth: 2 + Kaph Kaph: 20 + Nun Nun: 50 = 72. The sign has a certain analogy to the identified spiral parts in the Lilith stele: spiral parts ), the zipping process: ca 3x diameters equals pi. The symbol for “his”: Standing rows golden mean ratio could refer to the 72 golden mean ratio sequence (Pi as 1.618) – to the five columns containing 73 sacred letters, which undoubtedly are his gear (The five standing/moving rows (Zeno) of sacred letters gears): Gear. The spiral does probably symbolize the movement and the intersections between the “standing/moving rows”. The golden mean ratio governing the tuning process.

The dividement of the Pi symbol (three parts: ca 3x diameters equals pi) may refer to 3.14, how every circle’s circumference is ca 3 times (3,14) the diameter, and three diameter lines placed above each other may represent the three equatorial lines in this context (forgot sign_diameter: unsynchronized).

 6 or 7

The Moon’s radius 6.5, the diameter 13: the circumference 3.14×13=40.82, or the quasi version with whole numbers: 3×12=36). The symbol is very interesting to contemplate in relation to The Lilith Stele, where the two columns: forgot sign_diameter  are divided into three leafs each (12, 12, 12 hours). The role aspects of Zeno’s philosophy plays, the moving rows or the Achilles paradox, have to the Sixth formula (Zos Speaks!) might have something to do with the process of portraying time itself ( for instance the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, or uniting the Sun with the Moon etc., to weaving, to entanglement processes:  The three equator lines_slash_diameters: three continual equatorial lines (3x diameters. Two knots means continue, according to the dictionary inside Zos Speaks!),  two:two of our thetas (or a bastardised pi-theta wave line symbol? waves: 0.5 analemma in tidal waves shape) :pi symbol entangled: mimicry(the analemma). 

table 2_ Jacob Boehme

 The three equatorial lines (three circles/”knots”)

The Works of Jacob Behmen, The Teutonic Theosopher… with Figures, illustrating his Principles, left by the Reverend William Law, M.A. (

three knots

Three unified knots- the three equatorial lines: 12/12/12 hours during the dog days (The Book Of Pleasure. Austin O. Spare. The Death Posture ill.). The three unified knots may indicate a similar organization, entanglement of the letters (?) displayed to the right of the three unified knots. 

50_19:(25?), 50 (Nuit, heaven), 19 (a doubtful 25+19=44),

The heart form represents two spirals.

50+19=69 69 spiral

It’s possible that the Fibonacci numbers are meant to be used to calculate a Sun flower spiral with the two above numbers as indicators: one number for each spiral.

Interpretation: Protection Against Evil Men


Correction: screenshot from the Protection Against Evil People stele.

The Rosy Cross Delta Code Coil: The Rosy Cross delta code coil

Tiamat stele_Tritwinwebs

The three web twins


:  The three web twins (The Tiamat stele )                                                               

“Key (The Rose Croix) then Master Zos Rotate Delta Code Coil (spiral web (?) My Art Tome”. The Tiamat stele ref.

Petal keys: Petal keys

“Thrust deep, thrice-turn’d about the Heart,
This Knife shall to Thy Soul impart —
The Pain of Hell as Heaven’s Bliss” (Qutub. Andrew Chumbley. Fulgur).

The petals of the Rose Croix are the serpentine card layout 4×9 cards distributed around the cross, only to be packed together similarly to the Zos Vel Delthanatos schematics/ Delta coil.

  • Rose Croix_six degree of freedom

A diagram from the dictionary (Zos Speaks!). A synthesis of the Rose Croix and the six pointed star.



Urn painting by Austin Osman Spare. The dissolution and re-formation of the rose torso, after Isis signaled the death blow (The Death posture pose/hexagram pose). Austin O. Spare dissolved his puzzle. Left clues, data and a context in which the data were meant to be placed and used as a manual to solve the puzzle (the re-configuration of the 365 sacred letters). The pentagram also symbolizes the Golden mean ratio.

(Notice how the Rose Croix petals are represented by three waves under Isis feet)

“Some groups, such as the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, from a non-sectarian or non-religious view, suggest that the rosy cross predates Christianity, where “the cross represents the human body and the rose represents the individual’s unfolding consciousness” (wikipedia).[8]

apex snake

The apex snake: “Isis with (two united hexagrams drawn) sorcery (the inverted y may also be a septa: the Moon’s number) starts to make (from left to right, both lines) the Star map pairs (lower right to left)”. As she smashes into Earth, she creates chaos and the Earth wobble (precession).

44 triangles (88 constellations), one of the Fibonacci numbers.

paths of the world tree

Screenshots from Protection Against Evil People stele

Earth and the Moon

Twelve lunar months consists of ca 354 days. To the right we see the three web twins personificated as Austin Osman Spare’s three selfs. So time is an important theme here. I’ve used the golden mean ratio numbers identified in the 72 sequence, with the registered anomaly. This may indicate a conversion from the 365 days Sun calendar to the witches 354 days lunar calendar.


In the upper left corner, from the readers perspective, we can read the two numbers: 47-52, which refer to the calendar weeks. The circles between the cards (The Serpentine layout) are also clearly visible at the bottom of the illustration (Zos Speaks! page 222).

circles and numbers: 365 days, 12 m

The numbers on the other side are obscurified to such an extent that I need more time scrutinizing them to be able to get comprehensible information out of them. Some numbers and letters seems to be mirrored. Between the marked red circles to the left, I believe there’s a 100, and above it a crescent.

Lower part_Protection against evil people

“Is Ra-Amens /Amentis (I believe amens/amentis (latin) takes on the meaning very excited here: O Isis (my) map avoid8. Craft of this Sex seal (the septagram/vent/seed of life) my twins nodes”.

“Ethos Aos/art twin sides crafts (rafts, drafts) the web ” (Glyph quote from the Protection Against Evil People stele. The bottom glyph line reads from right to left)

.Igig with pinecone

Screenshot from the Protection Against Evil People stele. The Igigi holding a pine cone.


A pine cone spiral web and its opposite nodes (

Fibonacci spiral

A “pine cone spiral web” of Fibonacci numbers (

An illustration from Zos Speaks!

Quoting from the writing  beside the person’s face in the centre of the illustration:“Pair of legs D Zero” (40 pair of legs). 40 pair of legs within the circle. 


“20. WITHIN the Alphabet lies all the arbitrary abracadabra of our knowledge” (Zos Speaks!).

“Abrahadabra” is also referred to as the “Word of Double Power”. More specifically, it represents the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm—represented by the pentagram and the hexagram, the rose and the cross, the circle and the square, the 5 and the 6 (etc.), as also called the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel. In Commentaries (1996), Crowley says that the word is a symbol of the “establishment of the pillar or phallus of the Macrocosm…in the void of the Microcosm” (

  • Abrahadabra=418 4×18=72, the Rose croix. 4+1+8=13, the sun and the Zodiac.
  • “20. WITHIN the Alphabet lies all the arbitrary abracadabra of our knowledge” (Zos Speaks!). So what’s the meaning and the message? Does the aphorism refer to the arbitrary data references identified among the sacred letters, aiding the seeker to Magical steles, different “magic formulas”: For instance the Rose Croix (crux) and the torso (The Lilith Stele) words. The “Serpent-Enemy-Serpent unites” (The Lucifer Stele, Protection against evil people stele), The name “Nuit”, identified within the sacred alphabet, is one of three channeled voices in The Book of the Law, a book referred to in one of the magical steles, the “star myth” a reference to the Nibiru mythos etc.?

The Twin Peaks 


By transcending the neither-neither principle of these two swastikas, we should reach the “highest” principle of nature – the ultimate Baphomet (the ether principle of the pentagram).

Notice the depolarization process from heterogeneity to homogeneity (The Lovers card), the “homo sexual state” of the Neither-Neither, represented by the swastika, which is beyond conception (that is when you’re in this meditative state, Kia’s abode. Contemplated from distance there’s another opposite swastika: the peak of another tree – The Tree of knowledge). This is only meant to be interpreted symbolically as states (related to dimension/frequency): The “homo sexuality” symbolically experienced spiritually by “perceiving light with only light as its contrast” (The Book Of Pleasure, AOS).

Some say there’s no light without darkness (Hermetic universal laws, polarity thinking, which may hold water if it’s interpreted conceptually and literally universally, as there’s at least one pre-universal exception :=))). Before the big bang there was no light, so it’s a conditioned belief and  thought construct based on empirical human experiences and a result of how we humans perceives and think (consciousness: duality, our conceptual faculty). Previous to the Big bang there was of course no concept of darkness, and the meaning of the concept would differ because of the absence of light, its relative (a spectrum contains several degrees of darkness for instance). By conceiving light with light as its contrast, some claim you would transcend and temporary destroy/change this thought construct and the conscious state (polarity thinking) it mirrors. For how can you be conscious of light with light as it’s contrast without being it, consciously? When you are watching porn, your brain perceives it “as if”  YOU are participating and acting out what’s happening on on the screen, some scientists claim (would the brain/consciousness similarly identify with and change accordingly to its own mirrored meta modus operandis: man: S, woman: Z, hermaphrodite: synth1, androgynousness: Ietc. and to the hack: swastika/aleph?). Right now, while thinking light with light as its own contrast, light within light, you’re sooo broken, dissolved… and for a moment merged together –  one with the etheric field (aka the akashic records, ancestral memory, the quintessential flame etc.).

Satyricon_To your brethren in the dark

Satyricon – To Your Brethren In The Dark:

  • The depolarization process described here; inaccurate philosophical woo-woo talk, serving the purpose as a mean for the few within range, isn’t very scientific compared to Dan Winter’s formula: a formula based on specific frequencies and the Golden mean ratio.
  • In the video entitled “Describing ‘ASCENSION;-the electrical engineering- with Dan Winter from Ascension 2020 conference:”, he formulates a definition of the ether as following: “Vacum is a super fluid / ether whose compression/ rarefaction is named +/- charge”.
  • NIKOLA TESLA EXPLAINS the ETHER, by Theoria Apophasis:

From Gold Forge Steel: Exploring Baphomet, produced by The Blazing Star O.T.O:

The Blazing Star O.T.O’s interpretation of Baphomet as Tiphereth is very interesting. A similar interpretation is found on Gnostic teachings site : “Binah is ruled by Shabbatai שבתאי, Saturn, we have an atom of Binah in the pineal gland, the door of heaven, which in the Male Goat of Mendes is represented with a torch upon a horned goat head (letter Shin ש). The two horns of the goat (as well as those of Moses) relates to Binah בינה and Chokmah חכמה. Binah relates to the left hemisphere of the brain and Chokmah-Uranos to Aquarius, the right hemisphere of the brain. They form the Tetragrammaton of Esh אש (“fire”) in our Rosh ראש “head.” This is why the name Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, the Tetragrammaton, relates to Chokmah and Binah in the world of Atziluth. Above them in the torch or pineal gland is Kether, the crown, ruled by Neptune, the superior waters of Chaos; in other words, Pisces, the fluid emanations of the Theomertmalogos, the Christonic substance of the Solar Logos.”

"Remember the goat of Capricorn is the Leviathan symbol of Shabbatai שבתאי, Saturn.
“Remember the goat of Capricorn is the Leviathan symbol of Shabbatai שבתאי, Saturn” (

The goats where assigned by the Jews to go into the desert and die loaded with the sins of the villagers (a kind of a new year ritual – a fresh start). Hence the goat and its associations to sin symbolizes Satan for Satanists (the goat as an inverted pentagram also symbolizes atheistic and material values – as the spirit faces downwards. Satanic contextual symbology.). The Jewish ritual is the origin of the Christian crucifixion of Jesus which, according to Christians, died for humanity’s sins (and yes, goats were and are often religious sacrifices). The Jewish goat is the reflection of Capricorn: “As above so below”. The link between the goat and Jesus is crucial. Because, in my opinion, Baphomet is a reference to self-sacrifice, and the premise for self-sacrifice is ego death, the condition (“pure” consciousness) needed in order to unite the microcosmos and the macrocosmos . This principle is also carried over to the Tree of life – to the crossing of the abyss. Capricorn, the last and the first month of the year, represents the transition from the old self (its death, “solve”) to the new self (birth, “coagula”). Similarly many are of the opinion that Jesus ushered in the age of Pisces (precession).

God's Sun on the cross

A freemasonic saying: “God’s Sun on the cross” during the spring equinox (the horizontal arms of the cross symbolizes Earth’s middle equatorial meridian line. The Sun hit’s the middle point of the Earth/cross).

  • For the Freemasons, and probably also the Templars, the pentagram (Micro cosmos) symbolizes man while the inverted pentagram (macro cosmos) symbolizes the divine feminine: Venus (During eight years cycles the planet Venus traces inverted pentagrams across the ecliptic: – the planet associated with sky goddesses (Ishtar, Inanna etc.), according to some Freemasons.
  • Venus in Capricorn Horoscope (All about Capricorn Venus zodiac sign), by KRSchannel:
  • Beyond good and evil, the Baphomet doesn’t discriminate between congregations of the left path or right path, there are certain conditions (and states) not beneficial for congregations to work in, according to Dan Winter. The ether medium (cold plasma) is very difficult to work with/through where there’s electric smog, inside aluminium buildings and one should be grounded with feet on the ground (literally). Crossroads, crossed geo-magnetic lines, are ideal locations: Stonehenge for instance, locations identifiable by the use of the dowsing method.

Contemplating the meaning of the numbers: The circle in Goetia has 72 demons attributed to it. Further more the number represents the 72 names of God (Shemaphoresh), in other words, the parts of God as a whole. And there are 5 columns of 73 sacred letters (Zos Speaks!, Logomachy Of Zos)

Lilith stele
The Stele I’ve chosen to entitle the Lilith Stele. I’m not hundred percent sure about the authenticity, since Austin Osman Spare usually signed his paintings. In a letter (Zos Speaks!, p141), he mentions a stele entitled La Vampire.

12 small triangles (36) on each column equals 72 (The solstice’s duration: 72 hours). In the Lucifer mask, A.O. Spare used quadrangles and knots interchangeable (ten on the head, the frontal part, and ten in the horns). The eleven knots plus the full moon (twelve Moon phases) are interestingly placed above the  unification between sun and moon symbol. The first burial falls on a quartered moon, while the second burial falls on a waning moon in the Urn formula. Witches usually sow their seed on a new moon.

  • The lilith stele_letters

The meaning of Sun Venus Jupiter conjunction in Astrology (3 planetary conjunctions), by KRSchannel:

  • ZoSo, a symbol used by Jimmy Page, symbolizes Saturn, according to some sources. The Zos glyph has possibly an additional symbolic value in this context, in addition to being Austin Osman Spare’s alias: The organizing/structuring principle of Saturn. 
  • The stele indicates the hearts ( the sacred letters) in the alphabet as the points of connection (close to the centers: the Sun, Earth and Sirius).
  • Plotinus issued a warning towards materialism, and claimed the soul could end up getting stuck into matter after contact with it (please don’t try to cross the abyss without proper preparations ;=))).

spiral parts: spiral parts from the Lilith Stele. Here’s Andrew Chumbley’s variant in The Dragon Book Of Essex:


  • 2. The formula of Plotinus – The earthenware virgin. Plotinus worldview was geocentric.
  • The solstices and equinoxes had great significance for the timing of the sowing and harvesting in agriculture. “The Egyptians took advantage of the natural cyclical flooding pattern of the Nile. Because this flooding happened fairly predictably, the Egyptians were able to develop their agricultural practices around it. The water levels of the river would rise in August and September, leaving the floodplain and delta submerged by 1.5 meters of water at the peak of flooding. This yearly flooding of the river is known as inundation. As the floodwaters receded in October, farmers were left with well watered and fertile soil in which to plant their crops. The soil left behind by the flooding is known as silt and was brought from Ethiopian Highlands by the Nile. Planting took place in October once the flooding was over, and crops were left to grow with minimal care until they ripened between the months of March and May” ( The Egyptian divided their year in three parts (Akhet: the flooding season, Peret: the growing season, Shemu: the harvesting season (
Strangely enough, K.Grant didn’t insert the illustration into the Logomachy of Zos, even though Spare instructed him to. Instead he inserted it into the Living Word of Zos manuscript, in middle of the following sentence: “It doesn’t need a biologist or a psychologist to tell us that the mind has strata of atavistic remnants which in suitable soil may degenerate into the foulest anomalies and freakishness”. Kenneth Grant clearly knew what the illustration conveyed, and decided to assist the reader with a clue.

“The artist is thoroughly aware of this artistry as he ceases to be one (sowing and harvesting cycles), wedlocked in consciousness – yet I, knoweth nor I” (Zos Speaks! p244).

The mask of Lucifer
The Lucifer mask appears in Lucifer over London (Lewis Spence, illustrated by A.O.Spare) and in Zos Speaks! (K.Grant, A.O.Spare, pub. by Fulgur)

The 20 quadrangles on Lucifers head adds up to 80 (the Tetragrammaton. The hermaphrodite aspect).

Witches (A.O.Spare). Witches celebrating the Esbat. Notice how the witches upraised hands forms a five fold quadriga similar to the crown of Lucifer.
  • ANCIENT VVISDOM “Light of Lucifer” (Official music video):
  • Lucifer’s identity: Lucifer first appeared in the King James bible translation. The transcriptor wrote in Lucifer, and there are, according to scholars (Deweh Tucker), no occurances of the name in other traditions. In other words the name is fictive and King James was actually the first English Freemason King. One of the Anunnaki leaders and a fraction of the Igigis, rebellions against the Anunnaki empire, are interpreted as being the true identity of the fallen angels in the Bible. Some sources also identifies Lucifer as a reference to Enki – if so he’s the creator of humanity (what do Christians and Muslims think about that? Controversial? eh :=))).
  • The place where Enki’s temple (the Abzu) was built, was known as Aquifer.
  • The Lucifer lie by Deweh Tucker:
  • The Anunnaki fraction with Igigis and Enki, Leader of command, fled north (Scandinavia according to Sitchin. Sitchin claims he was known as Odin to the Nordic people). Sitchin compares Enki’s characteristica with Odin’s. There are also similarities between the sons: Thor and Marduk, which both were Thunder gods. The Sumerian text claims Enki travelled North to lands where they hunted stagged animals present in Scandinavia (Deer, Elk, Reindeer etc). Perhaps excavations of the pyramids in the arctic, if there are pyramids in the Arctic, could conjure supporting evidence to this bold theory.
  • Elon Musk claims we have to colonize Mars in order to secure humanity’s survival. Had the Anunnakis the same mindset (The Enki fraction)?
  • The biblical Lucifer: the morning star (Venus) and the apocrypal Lucifer, the fallen angel (The Book Of Enoch) eventually melted together (due to his position as the leader, Lucifer became, for many, synonymous with Satan as the administrator of lost souls in Hell (which according to some sources originates from Satam (Sumeria: a job description, the rank as administrator). The biblical writers and Jesus seemed originally to mainly have used the morning star metaphorically: Jesus said he was the Morning star, which may be interpreted as the one preceding God’s (the Sun) kingdom on Earth. Freemasons adds another layer of meaning to the Morning star, by taking into account what role and meaning the Sumerians attributed to Venus (the symbol of the pentagram and the sky goddess Ishtar/ Inanna, and the underworld). Myths which again could have inspired the author of The Book of Enoch’s Hell. What’s sets Enoch’s Lucifer apart from the Sumerian goddess myth, is the rebellion of angels. Symbols are adopted by different cultures, and changes meaning accordingly to the context they are assimilated into, the latest adoptions further tends to enrich themselves by adding values gained from nostalgic musings of the original interpretation and usage. Lucifer’s true identity is one example of such cultural exchange, and certainly one of Christianity’s biggest controversies. 
Moon Dance
Moon Dance (A.O.Spare). The Sun seed unites with the Moon ovum
Untitled painting by A.O.Spare. 11 humans (quadrangles) in a 4-3-4 formation.”a


The Cinematic Oracle And The Alchemy Of Cryptography

A quote from an interview given by Austin Osman Spare (a must read). Magicians in London: A Recollection by Oswell Blakeston. This extract was first published in The Uncertain Element, [1950]:

“He despaired of me. “I’ll have to ask you to go,” he said crossly. “There is an inner rite I must perform. But before you go, I wonder if you’d mind giving me a hand to rig up this box camera?”

“Elementals, you know, walk in straight lines. You must know that – the Chinese knew it millions of years ago. Well, there’s a demon due to haunt my room tonight. But no elemental can bear to have his photograph taken. That only happens under the pentagram of compulsion. When my haunt sees the camera he’ll automatically turn round. Then he’ll have to walk in a straight line all round the earth before he can get back to my room. It ought to keep him quiet for a bit.” I did my best to help with the camera, and as I was about to leave the black magician relented. “Come back one day,” he invited, “and I’ll show you all your future in a vision on the wall (my note: the cinematic oracle). You’ll like that, won’t you? All your future spread out like a map before you”. Yes, do come back. I think D.P. has taken a fancy to you.”

  • Externalized thought forms are usually experienced as a result of some form of shareable waves ( brain waves (telepathy), sound waves, light “waves” etc. (some exceptions exist, for instance tactile language used by blind people). Dan Winter explains how Golden mean ratio compression of brain waves are perfect distribution, and how it contributes to shareable waves (when the circumstances are right and the persons involved are aligned to each other and the information grid). Dan Winter mentions how the Australian Aboriginal people for instance name certain nodes of the information grid for “Dream lines”.
  • Nikola Tesla quote: “I was in Paris when I saw my mother’s death. In the sky, full of light and music floated are wonderful creatures. One of them had a mother’s character, who was looking at me with infinite love. As the vision disappeared, I knew that my mother died”. And there’s another quote where he describes the brain as a receiver: “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
  • The pentagram and the hexagram are the portals utilized by Goetic magicians (Ars Goetia).
  • Spiritual photographs were mentioned in The Book Of Pleasure and the quote may hold some significance for the BOP formula or for the then unwritten magical stele formulas.
Nervous temple
The painting has been identified as an artwork painted by Zbigniew M. Bielak (

A reference to the Ark of the Covenant?

Inside the circle it’s written in enochian letters: “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem” which in english translates into: ‘Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (i.e. purifying), you will find the hidden/secret stone’  ( The number seven is introduced ( the number of planets, metals and chakras).

It Is Finished When Seven Are One. “‘The curse of God has entered the seven figures, so they are in conflict with one another.’ Just as the human will was transformed ‘into eternal sun, calm in God,’ ‘so in the Philosophical Work must all figures be transformed into one, into Sol. From seven must come one, and yet it remains in seven but in one desire, as every figure desires the others in love, so there is no longer any conflict.’ (Jacob Böhme, De signatura rerum). D.A. Freher, Paradoxa Emblemata, manuscript 18th century”. Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum by Alexander Roob (

The Ossuary of The Ark of the Covenant
The Camera/Magic-lantern (p249 Zos Speaks!)

“The Ark was a box with the dimensions of two-and-a-half cubits in length, by one-and-a-half cubits in height, by one-and-a-half cubits in width (a cubit is about 18 inches). It was constructed of acacia wood, and was plated with pure gold, inside and out. On the bottom of the box, four gold rings were attached, through which two poles, also made of acacia and coated in gold, were put. The family of Kehath, of the tribe of Levi, would carry the ark on their shoulders using these poles” (”

The Tiamat stele: The glyphs surrounding Tiamat translates into something like: (below) “Make a wise ordered prism (the Earth) in art I try” (Steffi and Kenneth’s name inside the M peaks under Tiamat’s feets. The names in glyph forms were given in the letter section, Zos Speaks!).


(left side of Tiamat): “Evoke craft arts mind seat. Read… (“Read Seat Mind” glyphs combined from left to right: “Body Prism”)”. A reference to the pineal gland, or perhaps not? I quote: “If mind has any ‘seat’ it is in the whole body, rather than a part. Because thought is a subsequent impres­sion of feeling and all things cohabit all the time – identity is by identifying, and the price is suffering (and much more thought)” (Zos Speaks!, p258).

(to the right side of Tiamat) “Ids/snakes (serpentines card layout) orated/written Ka-book’s token(s)”. The book referred to is most likely The Logomachy of Zos, I quote: “The law of sorcery is its own law, using sympathetic symbols. This logomachy was subsequently deduced from actual practice, using cards like an ‘oracle’, the exponent as interpreter” (Zos Speaks! p258).


The three web twins
The fourth hexagram, which contained the meta info, was already made and is found in the Tiamat stele (and in the Isis pose)
Tiamat stele_Tritwinwebs
“Key (the flower of life/the septagram or the Rose Croix) then Zos Rotate To Delta Code Coil (spiral web (?) My Art Tome”. The Tiamat stele ref.
Interpretation: Protection Against Evil Men
Correction: The title is Protection against evil people. The Michael Staley Collection.

Inside the pregnant snake we can read something like: “Isis with (two united hexagrams drawn) sorcery (the inverted y may also be a septa: the Moon’s number) starts to make (from left to right, both lines) the Star map pairs (lower right to left)”. Isis Map/divide (prism, cipher) Star/Realms in  (X=four?). The X could be the same X positioned within glyph transcribed sex seal (the septagram) at the bottom. In the Effloration painting the Milky way is represented by 7 pairs of breasts (one person stands with the back towards the viewer. I believe the person symbolizes the other half of the season ).

  • The Spiritualist’s Arrivist Formula: A reference to breast fucking is found in the drawing on page 256 in Zos Speaks!. The bells in the drawing obviously symbolizes high frequency vibrations. The doll has seven threads on the body symbolizing the seven chakras. It is as if the act of breast fucking symbolizes the act of breaking down the barriers of these chakras: ascending up the Sushumna channel, and as if the orgasm is an analogy for spiritual illumination (Nirvana). In esoteric/religious contexts the bell takes on different meanings: “The sound of the bell is universally accepted as a way of communicating with the spirits, or as a herald for the arrival of a supernatural, holy power” (, which explains the drawing on page 264: the bare breasted nun on her knees prepared to break down the Crown chakra barrier, awaiting the communion (breast fucking) with her Anunnaki God.

A similar story from the real world told by the Vigilant one: Possessed Nun’s Letters From Lucifer Are Finally Decoded:

What is Sushumna?:

The philosopher Sappho was mentioned among the philosophic familiars such as Pythagoras, Socrates and Zeno in the Eight formula of Arrivism. What sets her apart from the other philosophers, is that she created poetry written to be sung accompanied by lyre ( A Sapphic meter consisted of four lines per verse. Pythagoras was undoubtedly a great man excelling in many sciences. Within spiritualism he was known for his mystery school. And as mentioned above, he’s listed as a familiar in the eight formula. The two illustrations interpreted (p256 and p264) are relateable to his work on the Perfect Fifths or octaves (2:1):


  • “Before the new Greek cosmological system was developed, many ancient cultures had pictured the Milky Way as a vertical axis or tree, which was seen as a route leading into the heavens of a layered universe. This model began to change from about the sixth century BC, when the image of a spherical earth and geocentric universe became increasingly widespread among the educated people of Greece” (Visions of the Milky Way in the West: The Greco-Roman and Medieval Periods, Lynda Harris).
Enki and the Sumerian Tree of life_hex
The Igigis and the Sumerian Tree of life (watch youtube video 3:23 for better quality: The Instructions of Enki – Ancient Sumerian Records Blown Wide Open). The Igigi features in the Protection against evil people painting.

According to, Igigi could be translated into something like: Eyes in the sky, the watchers, who deflower (, and they are said to be the Annunaki’s Engineers/Scientists represented as birds ( explains why Thoth was represented as a Ibis bird, Thoth who, according to some sources, engineered the pyramids. The question if he was of the same bloodline arises). Myths, sources, Christians used when they weaved their stories – the origin of the twisted Christian/Jewish truths dissected and explained in The Instructions of Enki – Ancient Sumerian Records Blown Wide Open

Quotation from the dedication/foreword in Ethos: “The search (sick: the truth (?) is to be known only to the seeker, it is not to be taught but only to be learned. No man shall follow me. I am not thy preservation. • The deepest secret is always hidden even though it be displayed openly to the public or cried from rooftops” (Ethos. Austin Osman Spare. Published by I-H-O Books, sept 2001. Has previously been published elsewhere as Axiomata and was more or less a teaser for Zos Speaks! The content in Axiomata is also included in Zos Speaks!, except The Book Of Pleasure, a book published 1913).

In the Protection Against Evil People stele, at the bottom, we can read in glyphs: “Is Ra-Amens /Amentis (I believe amens/amentis (latin) takes on the meaning very excited here: O Isis (my) map avoid8 craft of this (Sex) seal (the septagram/vent) my twins nodes”.

Followed by the text within the red triangle, see screenshot below: “Ethos Aos/art twin sides crafts ( rafts, drafts) web”.

To the right of the red triangle the text starts from right:” Aos art 54 awake/make with apex/text” (

apex snake

The apex snake: “Isis with sorcery (the inverted y could also be a septa) starts to make (from left to right, both lines) the Star map pairs ( lower right to left)”. As she smashes into Earth, she creates chaos and the Earth wobble (precession).

As we can see in the painting, Isis stands in a hexagram pose (The Death posture pose) and we can also see how vitalized the green snake is (The Serpentine card layout). Green a color associated with Isis and Sirius. So it’s essentially a prayer/spell, utilizing the power of the tiger, to decrease and stop the the snake’s/dragon’s “attack” – the Tarot cards/Nibiru’s impact on consciousness/Earth – and divides the hexagrams, the nodes and the Sumerian tree of life. It seems like Isis perhaps originally was one of Nibiru’s moons assisting in the attack.

The Nibiru Sirius connection: “When Sirius did explode, Nibiru was catapulted out of its orbit with such force that it lost connection with the gravity of the Sirius solar system and aimed for deep space. Nibiru, the ‘Red planet’ with its eleven satelites was drawn into our own young solar system 8.6 light years from Sirius by gravity from Neptune. Nibiru, Penre writes, “entered the solar system in retrograde, came up from an angle, came in from the south and headed towards another giant in our solar system, Tiamat, located between Mars and Jupiter. One of Nibiru’s satelites hit Tiamat and split it in half before leaving our solar system and resumed its journey back into deep space only to return to our solar system every 3600 years (give or take 70 years) according to Bordon and Sitchin” (Dr. Michio Kaku, Sasha Alex Lessin: 

paths of the world tree
44 triangles – the paths of the world tree


“Ethos Aos/art twin sides crafts (rafts, drafts) web”

A quote from the centre of the illustration below – a possible point of connection: “Pair of legs D Zero” (40 pair of legs within the circle).

Interpretation: ‘The four seasons, the snake (the sun/Zodiac) and the hooded witch’

A Meditation Exercise: Meditate on the fourfold text of the Micrologus (Ethos, Austin Osman Spare, I-H-O Books). Try to visualize letters from the 40 aphorisms melting together by the centrifugal force of a vortex (The illustration to the right was inserted previous to the Micrologus text). If the meditator manages to vibrate the correct frequencies, he should receive a “download” – a new text should materialize. The aphorisms mentioned were written as a teaser for the included manuscripts published in Zos Speaks!.

Screenshot at 2018-09-10 14-56-55
A screen capture from Youtube where Santos Bonacci explains everything: The Sun’s Zodiacal route through the ecliptic (the summer and winter half with their 44 constellations each – two parts of heaven)

Fallen Angels And The Crown Matrix


The mask of Lucifer
The drawing was just listed Mask at the end of Zos Speaks!, The List Of Illustrations by Kenneth Grant. The identity of the entity could differ according to the context it appears. Originally the drawing probably represents Lucifer, judging by the source. (Lucifer over London, Lewis Spence, illustrated by A. O. Spare), only to be reused to represent Asmodeus in the new context – Zos Speaks! (?)


The Summer Solstice
Forces of the Sigils ( Two possible interpretations: The Summer Solstice or Nibiru’s attack on Earth), A.O. Spare. A stele I’ve referred to as The Lucifer Stele. The entity up high may represent Asmodeus though. Historically Asmodeus has been associated with black magic.

glyph from the Lucifer stele_the second stele

“Sine Net”, “Star : (Sirius) the sun Races Star: (the sun)the sun to 32sun alchemy ( S+M adds up to 32 in numerical value), the number of the Major arcana (ref. to The Tree of life context). There’s also a directional indicator: the arrow (the zodiac sign, the Sagittaurus/Archer) located inside the triangle, arching up across to the the left (: the Sun).

A reference to a part of the sacred letters:



Becomes: “Star races star to the enemy’s position (half circles), uniting with each other”

  • When Sirius-c exploded, the star projected Nibiru, the Red Dwarf (personified as Asmodeus in the painting) to Earth’s solar system making havoc. (Dr. Michio Kaku, Sasha Alex Lessin: 
  •  Within the prayers (Zos Speaks!), one dedicated to Asmodeus, Lilith’s husband, the 32nd demon in the Goetia which governs lust and rules over 72 demons, the matrix is mentioned as a sex-seeking unity, the insatiable peripheral genitalia (Labia Minora: vaginal lips) analogical to the rectangle with three equatorial lines in the magical steles, the insatiable quadriga of sex.
  • Asmodeus or lust plays a central role when transmuting sexual energy (sex magic between man and woman). Lust increases the blood flow to the reproduction organs and energizes the central nervous system/kundalini – the postive aspect: being the alchemical furnace . The negative aspect, gnostically speaking, occurs when lust causes ejaculation and empties the chakra system of kundalini energy. These two aspects plays out in two of the most known stories where Asmodeus features, namely the story where Asmodeus assists Solomon in building his (spiritual) temple, the light body, and the story (The Book Of Tobit) where Asmodeus kills Sarah’s seven husbands the night before the weddings (empties the chakra system of solar energy. My interpretation).
  • Are They Alive…Antarctica Melting Ice Is Revealing Something No One Thought Possible! (Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries:

The earliest traces in Austin Osman Spare’s art of a cult built around Asmodeus, is as far as I’m aware of, a painting entitled The Proselyte Of Asmodeus.

The Proselyte Of Asmodeus (1929, Austin Osman Spare). The Painting was found on, so I can’t really say if it’s a part of a collection or if it’s a single piece.
two stars_joined
“Every man and woman is a star” (A. Crowley). Illustr. artist:unknown

The illustration, The Mask of Lucifer, positioned over Forces of the Sigils painting (The search of Abraxas, S.Skinner, N. Drury), appears in Lucifer over London (Lewis Spence, illustrated by A. O. Spare). It is also included in Zos Speaks! The front part of his head has 5 quadrangles/spaces positioned on each side, and with the same amount on the back part (five knots on each horn) it would add up to 20 when the sides are separated ( 4×20=80 – the tetragrammaton). The four triple-knots represents equator/ on each side and the seasons. The letter with the numerical value 20 in the hebrew alphabet, is the eleventh letter Kaf (

“The kaf, the representation of Kesser, the crown of the King, reminds us that our intention in performing mitzvos must focus on our submission to G‑d’s will” (


The Forces Of Sigilic Talismans

“Magic is but one’s natural ability to attract without asking (Austin O. Spare, The Book Of Pleasure).”

The talisman illustrates how magical formulas incorporated angels and demons. The ingredients, the forces should help, according to magical theory, a person gain certain favors. A form of alchemy. Some people claim the Goetia only is a grimoire disquised as alchemy. The medallion could perhaps indicate that it also may have served the purpose as an alchemy ingredient book for talisman creation. The Ars Goetia could not, according to, have been compiled before 1570, so its constituents came together during the same epoch (Catherine De Medici 1519-1589).

The sigil formula, the Forces Of Sigils stele, compared to the formula Austin O. Spare shows in The Book Of Pleasure is much closer to traditional ritual usage. Sigils becomes parts of an allegory (thought matrix/symbolic narrative), very similar to how they are used on the talisman vs. The Book Of Pleasure sigils where everything are self contained, compressed into one sigil: the narrative, the desired outcome. He also uses astronomical bodies from the Nibiru mythos and or the summer solstice/dogdays (astrology) as a part of the allegory (to show cause & effect) together with the voodo doll (simulacra, ritual practice), and of course the Asmodeus’s sigil implicit, the demon: Asmodeus the “destroyer”. The fire elemental could symbolize the emotional aspect which The Book Of Pleasure deals quite extensively with (hate). The only thing missing is perhaps a personal article (according to quantum physics we’re connected to everything we’ve been in contact with on a sub atomic level. The same fact may also explain, scientifically, the practice where psychics uses personal articles to locate missing persons  ;=)

For more information regarding the talisman:


  • Recommended literature:
  • Enochian Vision Magick : An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. Author: Lon Milo Duquette
  • Venus and Sirius:
  • There are also other references to the Enochian system in Zos Speaks! Erh (Er) for instance in Enochian means watcher.
  • Some letters are enochian
  • One of Dee’s big efforts was trying to correct the Victorian calender, which was measured according to the Solstices and Equinoxes.
  • John Dee knew and wrote about the Camera Obscura, in fact his crystal ball worked in the same manner when he put it on The Sigillum Dei Ameth: the angelic letters were inverted and reverted (I highly recommend a youtube video entitled: John Dee, Shakespeare-Camera Obscura – A Consuming Perspective with James Egan & Dan Winter).
  • Kenneth Grant asked Austin Osman Spare why he had included the overview of the seven planets and the Zodiac symbols (the closing stages of his work with the material for the manuscripts included in Zos Speaks! (Zos Speaks!, p.111-112). Spare did not answer the question, or it was omitted from the book. The overview did not end up in the final version of the manuscripts..

References to The Goetia:

Excerpt from the eight formula:”The best person to choose would be of the ‘arrivist type’–those cocky bastards who seem to obtain all they need whenever they want it. Being intense egocentrics they are mediumistic or susceptible only to silent suggestion… So, look into their eyes and convey to them silently that they are the media for the transit of the obsessing elemental desired. They act simply as something en rapport between you and the elemental. To make yourself acceptive and fit for obsession–acts of sacrifice and purgation are essential beforehand. Also, the elemental must be named and given an appropriate Sigil” (Zos Speaks!).

Earth infernopic_Goetia


The illustration is a referrence to Goetia, The Lesser Key Of Solomon, found in one of the first books authored by Austin Osman Spare, the book entitled Earth Inferno. Some examples of references to the Goetia in Zos Speaks! are for instance the eight formula regarding Arrivism and the second formula of the Urn ( V.I.T.R.I.O.L)

For more information about Goetia, I’d recommend Poke Runyon’s books. The videos on are also invaluable as an introduction and to the practical work. Runyon was a member of the Golden Dawn (a sub-Rosicrucian group), the same organization which Crowley once was initiated. And it was most likely Crowley who introduced Austin O. Spare to the Goetia in his trial period at Crowley’s organization The Brotherhood Of The Silverstar. Same roots.

Two main components from The Formulae of Zos vel Thanatos, manuscripts within Zos Speaks!, are hosted by (One manuscript is not available online: The Living Word Of Zos)


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